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Originally Posted by njbil
I wholeheartedly agree.

I also scored Suicidal Tendencies - How Will I Laugh Tomorrow (When I can't Even Smile Today) for 4 bucks. Although the first ST album was/is a hardcore/punk classic, this incarnation of the band was musically superior in every respect. They transitioned into a pretty solid thrash band with this release. Rocky George, Mike Clark, and Robert Trujillo just kick major ass on this one.

I forgot just how tight this album is. It makes todays Nu-Metal BS look like a joke. These guys could have released this album TODAY and it would still blow everything else away.

Hardcore Punk, thrash metal, even a little funk metal... S.T. was at all these places before or at the same time as anyone else, they are truly an influential, yet criminally underrated and overlooked band!

you know when you bring up bands like ST - it makes me go back and remember the pantera home movies with AIC, ST, etc appearing on them -
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