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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by Nuggets4
Holy hell. For yet another time in my life, I find myself cursing the radio stations in the town I grew up in for not introducing me to a band earlier in life.

"Blown to Smithereens: The Best of the Smithereens" by, shocker, The Smithereens

HOLY HELL! This album is incredible. I'd always heard "A Girl Like You" and really admired the writing in it (I'm a sucker for the female vocals repeating the lead singer in the background) and just recently decided I needed to get that album and see what the rest of their stuff was like. I was NOT expecting this. From the Beatle-esque (Beauty & Sadness), the Brian Wilson inspired ("Strangers When We Meet"), Getz/Gilberto ("In A Lonely Place") to just plain rocking out ("A Girl Like You"). Wow. You can DEFINATELY see how "Blood & Roses" inspired Kurt Cobain.
You can't go wrong with any Smithereens IMO...but seek out Green Thoughts if you want to hear their most consistant, solid effort...IMO, that's a five star classic CD which ranks a little higher than the others.
I seen them open for Squeeze at the time of it's release and while both bands were good, The Smithereens were hands down better.
The opening act for the shows was Gene Loves Gezebel...anyone remember that godawful band? If not, then you're more fortunate than I am.
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