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Allen Iverson

Holy hell. For yet another time in my life, I find myself cursing the radio stations in the town I grew up in for not introducing me to a band earlier in life.

"Blown to Smithereens: The Best of the Smithereens" by, shocker, The Smithereens

HOLY HELL! This album is incredible. I'd always heard "A Girl Like You" and really admired the writing in it (I'm a sucker for the female vocals repeating the lead singer in the background) and just recently decided I needed to get that album and see what the rest of their stuff was like. I was NOT expecting this. From the Beatle-esque (Beauty & Sadness), the Brian Wilson inspired ("Strangers When We Meet"), Getz/Gilberto ("In A Lonely Place") to just plain rocking out ("A Girl Like You"). Wow. You can DEFINATELY see how "Blood & Roses" inspired Kurt Cobain.
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