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Originally Posted by Hogan11
Dylan's 60's output was at an amazingly high level....cracks showed with the horrible "Self-portriat" & "Dylan" releases and after "Desire" he found fundemental Christianity and the bottom abruptly fell out....Dylan was basically worthless from 1977 on save for the one possible comeback teaser that would pop up here and there (of which, "Oh Mercy" is one).......that is what I ment when I stated that.
No doubt, Dylan's fundamentalist Christian phase was at best bizarre and at worst bad material. What do you think of Dylan's last two albumns, his renaissance albumns IMHO? I think Time Out of Mind is one of his grandest achievements, right up in the same stratosphere with Blonde on Blone and Blood on the Tracks. Songs like "Not Dark Yet" and "Tryin' to Get to Heaven (this may not be the right title but I think you'll know which song I mean)" are beautiful documents on aging and dying. I absolutely love that albumn. Love and Theft isn't as brilliant, but is very charming and definately deserves a place among the second tier of his albumns. Your opinion?
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