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Floyd Little

Originally Posted by L.A. BRONCOS FAN
Aside from commercial and pop culture considerations, I suppose Dylan's musical merits are ultimately in the "ear of the beholder," as it were.

His work never did anything for me. Now Joni Mitchell, on the other hand, was/is a singer/songwriter of Dylan's generation who (IMO) wrote better tunes and better lyrics and possessed a highly-developed singing voice (not to mention both an innovative and sophisticated guitar style and fine keyboard skills.)

Hence, Joni ranks much higher on my top 10 list of 60s singer/songwriters.

I guess it's ultimately a matter of personal taste, e.g., one man likes rocky road and the other likes pralines and cream.

I understand how you feel...and I'm no in anyway demeaning Joni Mitchell's recorded output or abilities....but when you compare her influence to that of Dylan' know. I know it's a matter of taste...everything is.
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