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Floyd Little

I love the early Scorpions albums....after Lovedrive I kinda lost interest in them....but, for me, the quintessential Scorpions release is In Trance...which gets the nod over the band's far and away best live album The Tokyo Tapes just barely....I really like Taken By Force, Fly To The Rainbow and Lovedrive a lot as well....Virgin Killer & Animal Magetism are a bit spotty IMO and of course everyone knows them from Blackout onward. I was never much into the 80's stuff because they tempered the sound in order to obtain success after losing Hendrix influenced guitarist Ulrich Roth..and to me, that resulted in a certain loss of charm for them somehow...they then sounded like everyone else did then....making them much less interesting to me.

I always thought Judas Priest was spotty as well....I have to admit, I wasn't that big of a JP fan...but still have a few releases (about 6)....even still, the only ones I bothered to buy over on CD were Unleashed In The East ...which is a sentimental fave of mine...just hearing the demolition of "Diamonds And Rust" is worth it and British Steel...which I thought was as solid as the band ever got when it came to their recorded output..both are musts for any late 70's/early 80's metal collection IMO.....just my thoughts on it.
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