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It's been a while since I last read Catch-22, but I loved it too. :-)

Recent reads to recommend:

"One Sick Puppy" by Carl Hiaasen. Placed in Florida, a cast of totally screwball characters take on sleazy land developers. The plot bounces around like a pinball, and it'll have you laughing out loud. At least, I did.

"Tex and Molly in the Afterlife" by Richard Grant. Can two aging hippies keep fighting the good fight for ecological causes when they're dead? Tex & Molly's "20 Rules for the Undead" just might replace the Ten Commandments.

"American Gods" by Neil Gaiman. Gaiman has an incredible vision, creating characters as deftly as Dean Koontz and spinning world-spanning plots as well as Clive Barker (tho this book is not a horror story). The new gods vs the old gods for supremacy in America.... and where else will you find a zombie working the graveyard shift at a gas station?

"Smoke & Mirrors" by Neil Gaiman. A collection of enchanting, bewitching, sometimes horrifying short stories. This guy is just flat GOOD.

"Neverwhere" by Neil Gaiman. Yes, I am recommending a third book from the same guy: he really is that good. I understand this was turned into a mini-series by some TV channel. I didn't see it, so can't say... but the book is wonderfully visual and intricate. You might see the plot's final twist coming, but that's the only drawback and it's a great ride along the way.

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