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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by Simply_Flawless
Exactly how do you define troll? I mean, I can see some obvious people who come to the board and do nothing but throw out insults to everyone and everything, but in the same breath, there are also mainstays that have been here for awhile, that upon any comment they don't approve of, they rip you for it, apparently attempting to anger them. You have to admit Taco John, that you are sometimes guilty of the same thing at times, as are most people on this board. So why call these people trolls, when they are only doing full-time, what you do part-time?

Just a question to try to better understand the concept?
I'd define "troll" as "any poster who consistently annoys you." Putting any individual who falls into that category on ignore is probably a better option than allowing oneself to experience constant aggravation.
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