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and to Hogan you have DVD Music? I want to get into a higher Defanition platform and not sure if it is worth it yet?
DVD audio is definately not ready for primetime. The technology has been around just as long as DVD video, but has not caught on at any level. There are very few titles available and players are very expensive. Most DVD video players don't even recognize the format.

That said, DVD audio is poised to do to CD what CD did to pressed vinyl, if it ever catches on. Up to 192Khz at 24bit instead of the CD standard 41Khz@16 bit will absolutely crush the compitetion.

Part of the trouble is that technology is moving so frickin' fast that as soon as a format becomes "standard" it's obsolete (see blue laser DVD).

Now, to keep the post on topic...
Joe Bonamassa. Very serious blues/rock. The guy's gonna be a legend in time!
Saliva (hard rock) has a new album out which is very good.
I also just recently discovered Tesla put out a new studio album earlier this year titled "Into the Now." Their first effort since "Bust a Nut" back in '95 is also one of their best.

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