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Default Remember. You are equipped to deal with trolls.

I just wanted to remind everybody about the high level of ignore that we have here at The Orange Mane. If you have an account, you have the ability to completely shape your message board experience here though the "Ignore Poster" and "Ignore Thread" features.

Trolls are going to be trolls, but they only stick around when people interact with them. You can start solving the problem by being the first to put a troll on the ignore list, and changing the subject to something on topic. There are enough people here that someone will respond to your point, and ignore the troll too.

And by all means, you are welcome to complain about trolls to me... I like to know what's going on, and while I can't respond to every email sent to me (or I'd spend all my time responding to emails), I guage decisions that I make in all aspects of the Mane by feedback that I get from the community at large.

Plus the complaint that NarrowheadStank won't sack up and take his defeat like a man isn't a good enough reason to ban a guy.
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