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Originally Posted by cousinal11 View Post
Anybody having any luck getting a deal this year? They've called my bluff twice.
Two things, is your contract up or did you get it for free last year?

My system has always been that I call up around this time of year just to ask when my contract is going to expire and when they see that it is and they ask me about re-upping I just say I have to think on that.

Then I call back a few days later and usually I find that is the easiest way to get past the first operator (the one that is supposed to get you to hang up the quickest). The real secret is to get their name in the beginning then in the middle of the conversation to ask the question again like "I'm sorry, it's Betty right? I just didn't want to be using the wrong name here." Then you go into the I have options of Dish, cable, and the one that really seemed to sting them, cutting it off altogether.

I know this all sounds like BS but I learned this from a guy who literally talked his way so far up the chain (a VP) with Dell that they sent him a brand new 2000 dollar laptop just because the battery in his no longer held a 100 percent charge.

Using his methods I have only paid for NFL Sunday ticket once but I got them to subtract the cost from my monthly expenses so I pretty much still didn't drop a dime on it.
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