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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Having worked with some hospitals on big cases one thing that I noticed is too many people being paid to not take care of patients.

Hospitals can become like mini govts with lots of waste and cover ups. I'm not saying private healthcare a utopia of great medical coverage, I am saying making it bigger, all under the feds, is going to make it worst.

We aren't saying staying in Iraq would have made the region perfect. We are saying it would be better off then what Obama has now.
Exactly! Too many "supervisors" where papers get shuffled from one desk to another and sit for weeks if not months. Is there a real reason other than someone's pride and work ethic to see work gets done in a timely manner? No, you can get bonuses and make it all up. Who is going to check? Some supervisor who spends more time out of the office than in it? Heck, all one has to do is look at Obama's wife and the cushy, high paying job she held at a hospital. Yeah, that wasn't waste was it.
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