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Originally Posted by DenverBrit View Post
That's not the problem, there was no Obamacare in 2003, the data year, though the paperwork is terrible.....including that requested by insurance companies.

The Economist recently had a good article about the bureaucracy in US healthcare. One example: Medicare has 140,000 reporting codes, in one instance, there are 8 codes for an injury by moose.

It would be funny if it weren't tragic.
Medicare has always been the primary problem. And Obamacare has made Medicare worse. Sprawling bureaucracy is the problem. That's why Medicare needs to be reformed and completely separated from private industry. It's a snow-balling bureaucratic leviathan of cost. Medicare should be a completely separate system, with a comprehensive defined price list, and limited taxpayer liability.

I agree insurance companies are a major problem too. That's why private insurance in the form of mandatory HSA's is so important. If people had their own money, no one would even want to deal with insurance companies.

Cut out ALL the middle men, and watch costs plummet, while quality and efficiency skyrockets.
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