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Eager to help, Moore stunned the family by walking into the hospital half an hour later.

"Everybody was blown away when Rahim walked in," said Kim Winterfield, the aunt of Tyson Goulding, 35, a Denver man who suffered compartment syndrome during a 10K race and, like Moore, nearly lost his leg. "The compassion, the talking, the getting to the hospital in no time was unbelievable... We're just ordinary people."

For Moore, a former UCLA standout drafted in the second round by Denver in 2011, simply walking through those hospital doors brought back a flood of feelings from last November, when his career and his life dangled in the balance.

"It brought back memories," he said in a phone interview. "It was about 4 or 5 [in the morning] when I came in, and I remember my doctor told me, 'Rahim, if we'd waited until later in the morning, we'd have to amputate your leg. If you'd have waited until noon, you'd have passed away.' I couldn't believe it..."

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