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Pat Bowlen

The Raiders actually have a competent GM. It will be interesting to see how that translates over the next few years.

I fully expect the Chiefs to take a big step back this season. They won't get that string of sequential back up QB's again. And the lucky breaks will go away (a guy muffing a punt just when they need him to with no pressure.) They have also always been on a cycle of one good year and then a couple years of mediocrity or complete suck. Observe:

1998 7-9
1999 9-7
2000 7-9
2001 6-10
2002 8-8
2003 13-3
2004 7-9
2005 10-6
2006 9-7
2007 4-12
2008 2-14
2009 4-12
2010 10-6
2011 7-9
2012 2-14
2013 11-5
2014 - Based on Reid's coaching chops, they're unlikely to take a huge dump. But with a tough schedule, the loss of talent and no answers at their biggest holes like receiver, I'd wager 7-9 or 8-8. I'd be more shocked if they did better than that than if they did worse.
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