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Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
You can't solve social and economic problems with a military by itself, but without security you have nothing. Tonyr is a joke who is making illogical arguments like a military can't make the ISIS rebels love Shia Islam. That is true but it doesn't mean that our military isn't needed to restore order and provide stability, just like it does in S Korea.
Hell, we had a hundred thousand troops in Iraq and couldn't even secure the Green Zone. Give me a ****ing break. Put twenty thousand Americans in Iraq and you know what you've got? Twenty thousand targets. Your entire argument is not only bull****, it is PROVEN bull****.

S. Korea is such an entirely different situation it's like comparing flamingos and oak trees. The differences between the two would require a list running to pages, not least of which is that S. Korea has one of the most capable militaries on Earth and doesn't even need us. Comparing Iraq to S. Korea is extraordinarily ignorant. There is zero comparison.
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