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Originally Posted by rolandftw View Post
How were they classless? He didn't want to show up for, and they decided to cut ties

Guess you could argue they should have given him more of a chance to experience free agency, but don't think their reasons were really classless. Tried to trade him, but since most teams suspected KC was going to cut him anyways, and there wasn't an interest on Flowers part to take a pay cut, KC wasn't going to get anything.

Don't get me wrong; I think the Chiefs badly misused him. They picked system over talent, which I'm never a big fan of.
Flowers is like Dwayne Wade. He's slowing getting worse bc of injuries. He wasn't the same guy last year bc of that. He's still a good CB when he's healthy, but is that gonna happen? He's been fighting injuries the last 2 years, including that knee.
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