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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
If you were actually paying attention* you'd know by now that Obama doesn't really "fight" at all. It's one of many things that drive his supporters so crazy (and perhaps his haters even more crazy). He's been this way going all the way back to his first election campaign against Hillary. He seemingly sits back, above the fray, and lets everyone make spectacles of themselves. It's all very calculated, and often successful. But, it's not the manner or style of a typical leader. And he'd be more successful if he lead from ahead sometimes, and not always from behind. To the extent he "leads" at all.

* Note: you probably are "paying attention", you're just not remotely smart enough to really see and understand what's really going down.
BS you just made my point. When has Obama had to lead? He was a Senator for like how long and did nothing of note? Then he became President and has sat back and just let things unfold.

He's not a leader he's always in campaign mode. Campaign mode where no decision, or blaming someone else for the decision is his mantra.

Oh don't look now but if economy doesn't pick up it's a recession.
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