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Originally Posted by kappys View Post
This point is really on the money. The question is knowing what you know about Iraq now, do you think we(Americans) would have been better off leaving a force of about 25,000 troops in US military bases in Iraq in perpetuity as compared to our withdrawal and the slow motion fracturing of the country?
We (in combination with other countries) kept over a hundred thousand troops in Iraq for ten years. I don't get the logic of sending more. Isn't it glaringly obvious by now that the problems of Iraq are much more than can be cured by the military solution?

I swear, some people, like many I hear on the Right (Cheney, Cut, etc.) are stupider than chimps. No matter how many times the hammer doesn't work, they keep banging away with the hammer. If you ask them what's wrong, they answer, "We need to hit it a few more times with the hammer."
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