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Spencer Larsen

Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
That may, or may not be. But your cited study does absolutely nothing to address that question. Or any question, really. At least not one that anyone ever asked.

Anywho, as to your actual assertion, there are many conflicting studies

But few clear and definitive answers.
Aside from not being scientific in any way shape or form that study has some quite serious methodology problems.

Table 2 is a good example of something that can best be described as either deliberately dishonest or ignorant. Handguns aren't allowed in the countries they list. Rather it is possible to obtain from the police a license, at significant cost and requiring a substantial background check, to own a handgun if you can document that you have proper storage facilities (a gun safe) and have a need to own a gun. The authors also do a straight comparison of murder rates (with no correction for how many are carried out with guns) between countries with highly divergent socioeconomic environments.

Several of the numbers reported in this study are reported without any indication of accuracy, a number of 4 guns per 100 citizens is reported for Russia, yet this number will fluctuate between 3 and 10 depending which source is used.

This study is a great example of social studies being a pretty worthless effort. It fails at even the most basic academic tests, including no evaluation of sources, no indication of accuracy or lack thereof, cherrypicking data, lack of correction for or even discussion of confounding factors.
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