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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by errand View Post
So I wonder when Obama and his liberal buddies are gonna demand that Oklahoma changes it's name? The state's name is derived from the Choctaw words okla and humma, meaning "red people".

Also polls show most white people find the name Cracker offensive, so why haven't they attacked Cracker Barrel or Cracker Jacks?
Really? That crispy small square piece of bread known as a cracker was around long before somebody decided to use it in a derogatory manner. If I called you a biscuit, are you then going to use that as an example also? It's a different case when something is first considered a derogatory slur, such as Redskin, or _igger. You know things are very sensitive when it comes to race and religion.

This is what I'm talking about with some of you. There is no grey in the world, things have to be black and white or nothing at all. 1 law is created and all of a sudden it's a slippery path to laws against anything and everything. We can't win.
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