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Originally Posted by BroncoBeavis View Post
I've been in this pointless argument before...

if you really want to know. There's no point in laundry listing litmus test current-events issues for you. No root human ideology can be defined that way.

I could name politicians, but you'll inevitably find something political that they've done to provide the exception (that proves the rule) Almost hate to say it, but Rand Paul is probably the closest I could name to someone who best reflects my own personal priorities in Congress. But that is far from consistent, so please don't checklist me with whatever it is Rand believes on 101 different issues.

If I could name any one guy that I tend to agree with 95% of the time I read him, I'd probably lean towards Jonah Goldberg.

But he has his biases. As do you or I.
There's no argument, I'm curious as to what YOU think 'Conservative' means.
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