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Peyton Manning

This can't last forever. This is one of those things where the Democrat party is eventually going to have to move to protect itself as an electable entity by calling for accountability. At the very least, they're going to have to call for the same kind of investigative review as what brought Shinseki to resign.

I just found something that makes this whole situation more interesting. I was expecting that you'd see Democrats in red states being the first to publicly call for further investigation into the IRS. So I did a search of "Kay Hagan IRS" and "Mary Landrieu IRS." What I found was that they may, in fact, both be involved with the systematic pressure by Democrats to put try and get the IRS to target their political enemies (along with nearly every Democrat senator who is facing a serious challenge this November.

This scandal isn't even about Obama (though he may be involved, who can say). It's about the Democrat party trying to use the IRS as political muscle.

This is going to get ugly.
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