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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
He's really only "unhinged" about one issue, and that's Sarah Palin. And even then, he's mostly correct about her. But he's far, far more fair and reasonable that you're giving him credit for. He admits when he's wrong, posts opposing viewpoints, and posts dissents from both readers and other journalists/pundits he has disagreements with. Yes, he can certainly be accused of giving Obama too much benefit of the doubt, but he explains in detail when and why he does, and he also slams Obama on occasion and often expresses doubts and concerns about him. I could show you multiple examples of all of these things but it's really not worth my time. And frankly, neither are you.
So you had no problem with the whole "Daschle got an Anthrax birthday card, let's nuke Iraq" thing I guess.
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