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Pat Bowlen

I'm for more education, but it really isn't about making people smarter. It is about paying for tenured professors and perpetuating liberal dogma. It's also a total money grab. Women's studies, poly-sci and other fluff courses that get students to make posters and put politically-minded hashtags in their twitter feed don't do anything to better the country or their personal contributions to society.

Meanwhile students are getting nickel-and-dimed out of higher tuition, a book scam that forces students to buy new books at several times more than their worth every semester when the content has barely changed, but they manipulate it with things like "end of chapter quizzes" that are different with each iteration and so you cannot buy the used ones and have to get the $80-200 ones. And councilors are funneling students to take out huge amounts of student loan debt for degrees that will afford them no real value to society, and therefore not give them any way of paying that debt with the worthless graphic-design, ancient literature or whatever else bull-crap they were advised. But the university got their money and they graduated he student so they appear to be "doing it right."

I am not against art or the humanities, but I don't believe you should pursue a degree in those courses unless you are going to teach or you are some kind of savant.

Anyway the whole structure is broken and the payoff isn't nearly good enough. If you're going to pay to have someone teach you, make sure it isn't in something you could learn on your own. Sciences, math, medicine, engineering are great things to learn in college.
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