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The Methodists have also begun to divest. This actually happened before the Presbyterian vote.

Let's hope/pray we've reached a historic turning point. MHG

United Methodist Church's pension board divests from Israel-linked company

By JTA | Jun. 14, 2014

The United Methodist Church’s pension board is selling its shares in a British company that supplies security equipment to Israel for use in prisons and in the West Bank.

Though a pro-Palestinian movement inside the Church claimed the divestment is due to human rights violations by Israel, the UMC's pension board said the move was actually about the targeted company’s work with prisons in general.

A press release issued by United Methodist Kairos Response, a movement within the church that advocates on behalf of Palestinian Christians, said the decision to divest from G4S was “due in part to concerns about the company’s involvement in human rights violations in the Israeli prison system and the military occupation of Palestinian territories.”
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