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Originally Posted by Rigs11 View Post
righties know that whoever they run against Hillary is gonna get betchslapped.
I think Rand would beat Hillary Clinton like Reagan beat Mondale. I think it would be like the Cantor election - everyone believing that Hillary has it easy, but then election day rolls around and nobody can figure out why only the NE liberal states voted for Hillary.

Hillary is weaker than she was in 2012, when she lost to a celebrity with no experience. Now she has to run on her non-existent record and answer questions about her political calculations on things like gay marriage.

I hope she runs, though. She's basically John McCain in a pant suit. She's a pretty good firewall for the Republicans against the far left. Having her in office couldn't be any worse than the last two presidents... It will just mean more of this same political environment, and for a libertarian that means sweet, sweet gridlock. When the Federal Government lies dormant, the states will pick up the slack, and as we've seen from gay marriage and marijuana, that's where the real solutions are for this nation.
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