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Life threatening events help bring back the priorities in life. He is just coming off that same injury and remembers how damn scary it is when something you have never heard of happens to you and the Doctor says we may take your leg or you may die.

Good to see that a horrible tragic injury in this kids life has impacted him enough to be more focused on helping others. I hope he loses the "Rahim the Dream" mentality all together and becomes the act of kindness and tremendous character he just did for that family.

Again, people tend to be all or nothing on people. And, athletes often get judged by people for what they screw up doing off the field. It affects our general perceptions of them as players as well.

This just shows the complexity of human behavior and the ability of human beings to be relational and not so damn selfish. I truly despise the incredibly entitled professional athletes and their me first mentality that simply represents this new generation of Americans. And then, I hear a story like this that never gets its due in the media. Congrats Rahim for being a standup human being and giving a crap about someone other than yourself. Not enough of that happens anymore, especially in pro sports.

Here is to you locking that mentality down and doing it for the team this year. Become the best you can be on and off the field and stop being the self promoter. We will all be better for it!
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