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1. Right now there are more troops in Afghanistan than when Bush left office.

2. The end of combat operations in Iraq was scheduled by Bush. Obama simply shifted all of those troops to the "surge" in Afghanistan.

3. Let's list the other clandestine wars that the Obama administration has gotten the US involved in:
a. Somalia - funding Ethiopia to deliberately destabilize any muslim government that takes power, even though 98% of Somalia is muslim
b. Yemen - clandestine attacks against Yemeni citizens
c. Pakistan - drone bombing civilians
d. Egypt - directly promoted uprising of muslim brotherhood, destabilizing the country
e. Libya - funded and gave weapons to rebels to kill Khaddafi. The country is a mess.
f. Syria - directly funding and supporting rebels in the Syrian civil war
g. Iran - massively screwing up the entire diplomatic process with empty threats, while not succeeding in preventing Libya from seeking nuclear weapons.
h. Isreal - supporting Isreal's killing and re-locating of Palestinian's
I. Ukraine - directly funded and supported Ukrainian's uprising, which led to Putin taking over half the country.
j. Iraq - Obama would still keep troops there, but the Iraqi's voted against it. The country is a complete loss.
k. Afghanistan - escalation of the Afghanistan War leading to thousands of casualties. By the end of his term Obama will be in Afghanistan longer than Bush was.
l. South Sudan - Unauthorized sending of military to South Sudan amid the recent outbreak in civil war.
m. Uganda - Obama sent at least 100 special forces to Uganda once the liberal "Kony 2012" campaign began on the internet. Kony was never caught.
n. Nigeria - Now the Obama administration wants to get involved in Nigeria for the "#bringourgirlshome" campaign waged by liberals (because they really think anybody gives a crap what they think), while the Nigerian warlord laughs.

Was Bush bad? Yes. Bush was the 2nd worst President in American history. Obama is much worse. The Obama administration has done so much more damage on a global scale, including their involvement in the escalation of at least 14 (listed above) around the world leading to untold millions of deaths.
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