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Chris Harris

Originally Posted by cutthemdown View Post
Once again our govt proves that money does not equal results in DC. Obama after vowing during his run for President that under an Obama admin vets would not be forgotten or not cared for like under Bush.

He comes into office and threw 20 billion extra at them to make it so. Then I guess he never gave it a thought again as the money did nothing to fix the problems.

Just another example of how liberals think just spending more money fixes everything.
At least he didn't start a war that costs trillions of dollars, thousdands of lives and broken homes, and the reason those vets have to be treated in the first place. Wake the **** up dude. Really? You guys start wars that cost trillions and you complain that we want to spend a few million trying to help these vets. If you didn't start these needless wars, we wouldn't need to treat a million vets in the 1st place. Pull the cover off your face already.
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