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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
Not when you focus on item 2 from cut's post, and ignore item 9, which his what you're doing. He never suppported item 2 (you did later), neither of you have supported item 9.

I'm not "surprised" at anything Senator/candidate Obama may have said, but I would be a little surprised if President Obama directly/specifically blamed Bush. I just asked for proof. cut failed to provide it.
I focused on item 2 because that's what you were talking about. You literally quoted from it.

As for 9, Carney/Pelosi, et al have been happily playing up Iraq/Afghanistan as the big cause of all this. Which is ludicrous on its face. VA's caseload didn't go up 40% because of the middle east (like their budget did)

It's the Greatest Generation through Vietnam Baby Boomers that are bringing the real pressure. But they don't like to talk about that because it's bad politics to blame stuff on dead presidents while there's a perfectly good Bush available somewhere. Plus it's hard to plead ignorance about a problem we all knew was coming for decades.

But my favorite part is the part where we're told it's illegitimate to criticize the current president in exactly the same way he once criticized his predecessor.

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