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Randy Gradishar

Originally Posted by GreatBronco16 View Post
Have those posts been removed from this thread? I just read the entire thread and didn't see a single person being personally attacked.

If the answer is yes, then why not move this back to the main board?
The posts are still there. Tell you what -- go to Post # 116 and substitute "GreatBronco16" (or "baja" or "Kaylore") for "fankadeo" in that post and in post #122 and #129 and get back to me on whether or not you perceive that as a personal attack. Sniping at one another is nothing new for "Stugots III" and "fankadeo" but that type of content doesn't need to be front-and-center on the main board; its proper place is where it now resides.
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