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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
First, I think I made it clear in subsequent posts that I was referring to President Obama, not Senator Obama.
Sorry, that's not how it went down.

Cut said "Candidate Obama dug on Bush about the VA"

You said "Got any proof of that?"

Cut and I post proof.

Then you moved to, "Well that was just while he was a Candidate" whilst having the nuts to still accuse Cut of making misleading accusations even while you fall back to agreement with his original statement.

Second, I wasn't demanding anything. I was just asking if he had any.
Third, if that quote you just presented was in the source cut linked then I missed it. Maybe it was, but for some reason I can't get that link to work right now.
I got the quote elsewhere. I don't think it was in his link. But it matters little. You'd have to be a Real True Believer to be even mildly shocked that Obama said things along those lines once or twice (or a dozen) times during his first campaign. Regardless, you called Cut for saying something 'misleading' when it was 100% true, and you're trying to paper it over by attaching conditions to the argument that run in direct contradiction to the original premise.

But my larger point is that y'all are tiresome with your constant and hypocritical gotchas and smoking guns and faux outrage since Obama's candidacy all the way through to now. It started with ZOMG!1! Bill Ayers and ZOMG!1! Rev. Wright and ZOMG!1! Kenya and ZOMG!1! birth certificate and it hasn't stopped. Every week or month it's something new, and this from people who were largely silent while the previous administration, among other things, duped the country into massive conflicts in the middle east, bungled an occupation and "nation build" about as bad as possible, and set up and legalized a torture regime that would make the Khmer Rouge and Gestapo proud. At some point you need to step back, with a little perspective, and realize how silly you look.
Put any man in charge and there will be an endless string of conspiracy theories to deal with. Some more credible than others. And whether you like that guy or not. Kinda surprised you're willing to go Full Godwin over it.
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