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Originally Posted by TonyR View Post
lol You're either very young or just recently started following politics. This is what every politician has done since the beginning of time. Doesn't excuse the practice, and doesn't excuse Obama on this issue. But the fact that y'all are so outraged about this is a little silly. This is SOP for politics in general, and D.C. in particular. Stop acting like y'all have discovered something. Such drama! Such outrage!
I wasn't surprised by it at all. I was surprised by you holding out for "proof" of Obama doing something we all probably should've assumed he did, because it's been his #1 MO since he came to DC. And no, he's not unique in that respect. But the whole

do you have something to support your statements that Obama "calls out Bush for the performance of the VA" and/or that "Obama blames Bush"?
shows who was really being (or maybe playing) naive.
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