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Simon Fletcher

Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
There were two bills. I don't know the name of them.

Here is the bill that was just defeated.

Here is the bill the GOP defeated in 2012.
From your link Commondreams...

"A large number of economists and independent analysts have confirmed that worker programs such as this would be a boon to the lagging economy though most urge initiatives on a much larger scale that would focus on putting the entire idle workforce, not just struggling veterans, back to work."

I must ask, how did the job creation work out when Obama threw billions of dollars on "Shovel ready jobs"? I would be concerned too.

"Jeff Sessions, the Senate Budget Committee ranking member, said he objected to the bill on the grounds it would increase the veterans affairs department budget and would blow though the spending cap lawmakers agreed last year....

Democrats argue the bills costs are already covered by plans to collect more than half a billion in unpaid taxes over the next five years, according to the Washington Examiner."

Collecting taxes is not a guarantee and that it would go to this program as we have many more programs that are or need to be paid by the government. 2nd, the $20 billion spent on VA increased the VA budget as Jeff Sessions was afraid it would do. While getting the VA to a more positive outlook, the money didn't seem to help with a glaring problem of death in these hospitals or at least care. $20 billion is a lot of money and should have been able to hire many more doctors/nurses for each hospital and get updated equipment. Was there some improvement? Maybe but that $ amount shows how bad either this administration is operating the VA or it has been a huge problem no matter who has been president.

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