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Originally Posted by Chrissy Rules View Post
okay guys Im a former stripper of 22 years and I will say this having dealt with ALOT athletes from baseball basketball football nascar and everything in between .... believe this is or not the majority of these guys like to come in and play the big shots and yes they can be VERY demanding...and the majority DONT TIP WORTH A CRAP... they act like we as the strippers should be happy that they graced us with their presence.... just saying guys its the way that it is....

My ex is well on her way to becoming a career dancer(she got upset when I used the word stripper) she started at 24 and is now 31. The club she's at didnt allow contact and instead of lap dances they are "private air dances". She's made a lot of money and invested it the right way. Could probably retire and live off the investments. It's a good gig if done right and you keep her head on straight. She's now looking to go in with another dancer on a pole fitness studio. You can get a great workout with those things.
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