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Originally Posted by SouthStndJunkie View Post
Anyone remember the Jodi Arias murder trial?

She looked kind of cute in some of her pictures with clothes on.

Google "Jodi Arias Nude" and you'll see some serious beef curtains and a butthole that looks like the Eisenhower Tunnel.

No wonder she murdered her husband....he abused those poor orifices.

That would have been a better defense than the story she concocted.

The thread has been derailed....sorry if this topic has offended any of our fine female members of the Orange Mane.
Oh please, you are not sorry at all. If ya'll thought it mattered people would've stopped responding. It wasn't exactly offensive to me personally only because it's not the first time I've seen a thread derailed by this same discussion or something very similar. I've also seen threads derailed by real vs fake boobs, small vs big boobs, leg men vs boob men, are leg men lying and really boob men but won't admit it, etc etc. Hell there was even a whole thread about enjoying womanly parts down under (no, not in Australia).

For the record, no hair is creepy in my opinion as women post pubescent have hair, zero hair indicates a lack of passing puberty, thus a child so I figure dudes who like zero completely smooth vagina probably have some issues. Besides which there are reasons for hair being there biologically so some should be there. Having said that, for hygene and other reasons, a nice waxing with a trimmed landing strip seems best and also some waxing on the backside is generally good. Also do note we do not enjoy the smell of your man hair or the taste of it so we appreciate our men shaved as well. If I had my way you b****es would shave your stinky ass armpits too. So gross.
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