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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by strafen View Post
I think the whole thing is being blown out of proportion...
At worst this is a misdemeanor offense. I know it doesn't take away from the action that took place, I get that, what I'm saying, -and this according to what I've learned in the news today- that is not a serious crime, this is just another case of sensacionalism by the media, like sharks reacting on blood

We don't know important details of what really took place, we don't know if he was the target or the aggressor...
Whatever the case may be, the whole thing it's overblown...
Strafen, I fully understand your point and am glad if it turns out to be the case here, perhaps it seems unfair to demand real responsibility out of a guy barely old enough to shave, but the NFL is hardly the ordinary career path either with dramatically more coin involved, not to mention the fortunes of a whole team and region resting so tentatively on these kids shoulders.

I am suggesting that with the common rash of these kind of incidences going on in the NFL, whatever tactic the league and team FO and coaches have been taking to wake these guys up and get them more or less tow the line and recognize an idiot move before doing one, hasn't worked.

We need to get the message across somehow so that this doesn't become an annual or more kind of thing in Broncoland, nor the rest of the NFL for that matter.

Lets just hope TJ didn't screw the pooch here and its a minor no suspension offense at worst case.

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