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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by Shananahan View Post
I'm interested in seeing your list of 'grown men things'.
By Grown men things he must mean:

1. Put yourself in stupid arse risky situations just begging for a fight that could easily put at risk large chunks of playing time and even the fortunes of your teams season, if you are a key player, due to suspension or getting injured in a dumb arse bar fight.

2. Slapping around and cold cockin' your HO of a girlfriend or wife .. any female companion ... because , 'you know man, she was asking for it!'

3. Doping up with banned PEDs or stoner drugs in between expected piss tests, because .. 'you know man, I just need to get high and no one gonna tell me what to do, I'm a stud NFL player."

4. Driving Drunk at high speed (or any speed) because.. 'you know man, I bought a fast new car and everyone else does it, why cant I?'

etc etc those kind or real 'manly ' pastimes ...
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