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Originally Posted by TerrElway View Post
Spot on how I feel Kaylore. Right down to the Sherlock reference. May be the best thing on TV.

It just amazes me people get so uptight about this stuff. I think it's a by product of loving this stuff (ST and SW) as a child and then growing up. You grow up and your tastes change and (possibly) become more sophisticated. I think too many people forget to look at them through the same lens you did as a kid. Did you care about acting or plot holes? Nah. You wanted a fun story and cool new stuff and just to see your fave characters in action again. Not sure why people as adults can't look at these movies in the same way. Sure, it helps appeal to our "adult" standards if the movies are well-acted etc. etc. but I just think sometimes the ST and SW fan boys expect waaaaaaayyyy too much.

Making a Star Trek and Star Wars flick is a film maker's Kobayashi Maru test.
I was listening to a baseball analyst on ESPN radio talking about how people say the game so much more pure back in the day and they miss those times. Then he pointed out that just because YOU were more naive and pure back then, doesn't mean the things you enjoyed were. That's how I feel about nostalgia. It was never as good as you remember it. And right now you're missing something positive in your life because you're reminiscing about how "back in the day" it was so much better. But it's ok, because in a couple of decades you'll be whining about how 2014 was the bomb and people just don't appreciate how good things used be.
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