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Originally Posted by BroncoBuds
The songs that were put on the Rock Against Bush CD arent songs that bands made to insult President Bush. Infact, the songs that are put on the CD have nothing to do with President Bush. The bands DONT " inject politics into their music." Either way, you should know that you cant judge a book by its cover, and for you to shrug off the CD without listening to it is absurd. But, hey whatever floats your boat.

The main thing I wanted to stress, is that alot of these Punk Bands put together a CD as a collaboration, and they are very cheap compared to other CD's on the market. I much rather pay 9 bucks for a CD that has over 20 Bands and 28 songs, than pay 15 bucks for a CD that has 1 band with 10-15 songs. You know?
That sure is a strange ass title then. The producers must have been high while deciding the album name. I guess Im relieved that the music doesnt directly insult politics or talk about something they dont know, but that seriously is a absurd title.
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