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Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
Look at the Ryan budget. You get a Republican you get that budget. No way Hillary goes that way.

Also there would be environmental laws repealed, Public schools, IRS, Department of Housing, Education would all be scrapped. It is so much bigger than just the two candidates. Plus they would gut green energy and close down abortion centers. In their ever lasting quest to keep the dark people from voting.They would also have the go ahead to pass even more strict voter suppression laws.

There is a HUGE differance.
They always threaten to scrap something to get elected, but it never happens. Reagan had the best chance to scrap the Dept of Education when it was brand new and half the people were still against it. It was part of his platform, but he changed his mind when he had the power. Then it more than doubled under Dubya's watch. It's here to stay. They never scrap anything. Everything just grows bigger under the establishment.
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