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Tom Jackson

Originally Posted by Guess Who View Post
I was a Biden Guy in 2008 then he dropped out and I became a Hillary supporter than on to Obama. 2012 I would love Warren as most Liberals would but I don't think she has the experience yet and she really isn't a great public speaker. She would make a better VP at this point. We really can't be serious about Castro yet. He is the Mayor of San Antonio for chriminey sakes. Cuomo is not liberal enough so my choice would be between Kristen Gillibrand and Martin O'Malley.

OK I vote for LABF!!!

My rising stars for 2024 after another 8 years of Dem rule is Gavin Newsome and Elizabeth Warren. They will be a power couple.
Elizabeth Warren is an idiot. She runs her mouth on things she clearly doesn't know or understand. starting with her stance on Student loans. The only person I would vote for on this list is Andrew.
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