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Originally Posted by winstoncup bronco
i had 125 vBucks in play last night and I won both bets. My vBucks should be 625, right? It says 603 only.

You bet New England at -175, which means for every $175 you lay, you get $100 in return... When you break that down to the dollar: 100 divided by 175 equals 0.57. So for every dollar laid, you get $0.57 back. So on the moneyline, you staked 50 and won 28 (50 x .57 = 28.5 / not certain why the software rounded down, the stingy sumb****)

You bet Indianapolis at +3.5 and won it, as they convered the 3 and a half point spread. Your bet was 75, and the odds were 1/1, so you came away with 75 in the bonus.

75 + 28 = 103

500 + 103 = 603

I think it did you right... any sharks want to check my math (or hell, logic)?
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