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Virgil Green

Ok, I'm in. Just a thought that I've been thinking about for quite some time. I know I'm going to get resistance on this but I'd like you all to think about it.

Instead of resorting to passing a hat every so often, and having to deal with Google so much, why don't you consider a modest subscription requirement to post? Idk, but something like $25 a year, maybe less.

In doing so, you would get much higher participation giving revenue, and the best thing is you would virtually eliminate the trolls. Particularly, the game week trolls that come over just to spout off and cause trouble. I guarantee 99% of the trolls would not sign up if they had to pay. If they did pay, then you win anyway.

The lurkers can still lurk, but those that post keep the place running. If you made enough money, you can possibly dump Google, and we can bring boobies back! What do you say?!
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