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Bradley Roby

Originally Posted by NorthernistCaliforneeway7 View Post
For the most part, low t seems like another marketing ploy by big pharma.
Give it a few years and you'll find out how wrong that that misconception is.
Its not just about libido or muscles either, it has major inpact on much of health in later life.

Plus Big Pharma would love to see Testosterone therapy go away, the only reason they finally caved in and for the most part stopped trying to sabotage the big movement among regular MDs like Kaylore's doc who were recognizing testo deficiency in increasingly younger males as they aged a bit and were starting in droves to prescribe BHRT ( bio-identical hormone replacement therapy) that was, and still is, largely being served by compounded prescriptions of testosterone and other endogenous hormones from the many reputable compounding pharmacies across the US, was because they realized the huge bonanza they were missing out on.

The two main reasons they fought the movement for years toward BHRT therapy is because Big Pharma could not patent naturally occurring human hormones like testosterone, DHEA, Estradiol, Melatonin, IGF1 etc etc.

But once the movement toward droves of MDs discovering this very valuable addition to their treatment tool kit for helping to improve their patients lives really took off over the last 8 to 10 years or so, Big Pharma realized that 'if you can't beat em, then at least join em' and settled on the huge profit still available via using patentable delivery methods for delivering the se un-patentable bio-identical hormones they are using in the formulas. Such as the various gels, lotions and injection bases they created to deliver the testosterone in a pharmaceutical formula to men ... as well as women.

For Big Pharma though, they would really rather it all go away as they fear losing tons more money in less prescriptions for everything from Statins, valium and xanax, prozac and the antidepressants to a large degree, all of the libido drugs, diabetes and BP meds etc etc when more and more men and women are starting to mitigate all these raging symptoms of aging that these other drugs are normally intended to try and control, or at least lessen somewhat, in the form of key hormonal and nutrient absorption/assimilation dysfunctions that tend to set in with aging when these key endogenous biochemicals start to decline in both men and women.

It's no coincidence that this is about the same time in life for most people when the wheels start to come off the wagon to one degree or another on what you used to take for granted as normal health when your whole endocrine and digestive system was working at full capacity when you are still relatively young and the same dude or gal was looking back at you each day in the mirror and you were still living under the unshakable delusion that you were invincible :-) HA!

Big Pharma is well aware of this whole process and the humongous value in creating patentable largely symptom control drugs to address these declines in endogenous biochemicals, and their concern over losing a lot of that revenue if hormone replacement gets too successful is understandable.

Its just too bad that the incentive structure is such that first replacing what is missing in our own declining endocrine and biochemical system is not rewarding enough for Big Pharma to make that more of a priority until just recently.

There is room and need for many of the synthetic drugs too for certain circumstances as well, but The fat cats at Big Pharma are clearly well aware that if, and when, the majority of the population starts taking better care of themselves with better diet and exercise as well as judicious repletion of targeted hormones in the normal small physiological doses that have gone missing. As such, they are acutely aware that those symptom control drugs upon which they make trillions of $$$$ would take a big hit on their bottom line if the demand for them starts to decline with a healthier population.

So its a double edged sword for Big Pharma who has called a, more or less, uneasy truce and have decided to profit as much as possible by the inevitable swing toward hormone restoration because of the big movement among regular MDs and their patients demanding it.

They demand it because it works well when the patient and the doc they choose know a good bit about how it all works and are not just winging it.

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