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Originally Posted by Kaylore View Post
I'm considering doing a blog about the before and long-term after affects just to track and see what kind of difference (if any) it makes.
Day 1: "Ouch guys! That shot did hurt and I'm sure by the end I will hate it even more but I'm not really sore right now."
Day 2: "Ok, now I'm pretty sore but I got to admit, I already feel like I have some more energy."
Day 3: "Tons of energy guys! BTdubs, people are being real a-holes the past couple of days. I may have to regulate if their attitudes don't improve."
Day 4: "Some ****er had too many items in the check out counter so I nicked his artery so he would slowly bleed out in front of me while I whispered in his ear that he won't be able to protect his family now. Darn these shots sure do make me sore!"
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