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Pat Bowlen

So I had my MRI done yesterday and I got an email this morning. Doctor saw enough from the MRI that he'd still like to talk to me, but nothing to worry about I guess. We ran additional labs on my bloodwork to completely rule out hemachromatosis because there are cases where Ferritin levels are not elevated by iron saturation and other indicators of the disease manifest. They all came back within range so I don't have that.

The big news is he gave me the go-ahead to start testosterone treatment. I'll be on 200mg bi-weekly. I was daunted by the size of the needle. Even after seeing several how-to vids on you tube, it's pretty large

They didn't give me a draw needle, either. That sucks because the stuff has the consistency of warmed Crisco. But maybe I'll appreciate the 22 over the 23 when I'm pushing the sludge into my thigh. I'm going to do shoot myself on Saturday morning's so I'll be able to move around throughout the day to keep my leg from swelling too badly. I'm considering doing a blog about the before and long-term after affects just to track and see what kind of difference (if any) it makes. I'll keep you guys posted.
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