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It really looks like Elway & Co have it narrowed down to four guys they want in the first round. One of CJ Mosley, Ryan Shazier, Justin Gilbert, or Kyle Fuller. The evidence is in who they brought in for predraft visits, particularly in April.

The list of predraft visits with the Broncos.

The position breakdown is this:

LB - five (three in April, Mosley, Shazier, Preston Brown).
CB/DB - six (two in April, Fuller and Gilbert).
OL - five (none in April).
WR - five (one in April, Donte Moncrief).
QB - three (two in April, Stephen Morris, Brett Smith. WTF that is about I don't know).
DL - two (one in April, Scott Crichton).
RB - one (none in April).

Note that the only April visits are Mosley, Shazier, Justin Gilbert, Kyle Fuller, Scott Crichton (DE), Preston Brown (LB), Donte Moncrief (WR), Stephen Morris (QB), Brett Smith (QB). Where there's smoke, there's fire (note also that Jason Verrett doesn't appear on the list of visits).

So, post-FA, the focus is ILB and CB. And versatile QB for some reason, then one DE Scott Crichton, one WR Donte Moncrief.

You have to figure Chris Harris is a top slot CB, only a good outside CB, and coming off of an ACL to open the 2014 season. Kayvon Webster doesn't have top skills as an outside CB, doesn't get his head turned around to track the ball in the air, he's one of those guys that just throws his arms up and hopes the ball will bang into one of them or his helmet. Kayvon is a solid tackler, though, good in run support, good depth.

There's an opening for an outside CB to pair with Talib, and an opening at ILB to combo with Trevathan and Von. It looks like Elway & Co want to grab one of Mosley, Shazier, Gilbert or Fuller in the first round. They'll have to trade up, but outside CB and ILB are the impact positions on a solid roster where a rookie could make a difference in another Lombardi run.

Elway & Co have every roster spot covered with a plan of some sort that is pretty good except for the guy opposite of Talib and MLB. Maybe WR is a little thin . . . .
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