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Originally Posted by Durango View Post
Everybody is hyping C. J. Mosley at MLB, but the guy is 6-2 , 232. Yes, I know his college accomplishments are impressive, but I really question his production at the NFL level. I really like Yawin Smallwood from Connecticut. He's 6-3 and a very lean 236, meaning he could fairly easily add 10 lbs, and I imagine he would still be available in the 2nd round.
The Broncos want to play an OLB in the middle. I know many of us don't like it but......Broncos can't afford a thumper non coverage backer because tom brady will just go no huddle on him. Drew Brees will just go no huddle on him. Andrew Luck will just go no huddle on him and on and on, Rivers also.

So Broncos want a MLB who can cover and get deep down the seams to help in coverage vs TE and WR going down/across the middle.

Shazier, Mosley, Van Noy all these non ILB have a real shot of going to denver.

Guys lke Skov not so much. Smallwood I am not very familiar with so I won't comment.
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